Newburgh family finds money inside baby formula at Walmart

A random act of kindness can go a long way, especially as people are still navigating their way through a pandemic.

Shelbey Banks of Newburgh says that she and her husband have been living paycheck to paycheck for some weeks because of the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the couple has a seven-month-old child on top of that.

When their last paycheck went completely to their rent, Banks says a random act of kindness made her day.

“I just thought it was really endearing so that’s the first it’s ever happened to me,” Banks said.

Struggling to make ends meet some weeks, Banks says they had to get baby formula.

“We were opening up the bottle and at the very top, there was just this little neatly folded $5 bill,” Banks said. “And I looked at him like did you maybe put this in here, maybe didn’t have pockets or something? And he was like no I thought you sat it there and I don’t carry change so.”

This $5 bill inside of the baby formula popped up just when Banks said they needed it the most.

“It’s good to know that there are people out there that are willing to help others when they’re in need as a community,” Banks said. “I think that’s an awesome thing.”

Banks took to Facebook to shed some light on this random act of kindness, and the feedback she says was overwhelming.

“And the outreach from everyone in that group has been amazing,” Banks said. “So many people offering baby formula, I’ve had people ask what’s your Paypal or your Cashapp. And of course for all of them, I tell them I’m good – I’m able to get by until Friday when I get paid, but I appreciate that.”

“Just know there’s always going to be someone who is willing to support you or willing to be a shoulder for you when you need it,” Banks said.