Shepherd-Pit Bull Mix Named Sarge Finally Adopted After Spending 628 Days in Ariz. Shelter

The shepherd-pit bull mix was adopted on Saturday from Foothills Animal Rescue in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the pup had been living for exactly 628 days, according to Fox 10.

“That’s right! After 628 days at Foothills, our boy Sarge is officially getting adopted TODAY,” the shelter wrote on Facebook alongside a photo of Sarge and his proud new owners.

Fox 10 reported that Sarge had been waiting to be adopted by a specific family “to meet his needs.” And just two days into 2o21, that finally happened.

“He’s not a dog park dog, and he’s not great with every single dog,” a spokesperson with Foothills Animal Rescue told Fox 10. “So he had a couple things that were going against him, but as you can see, he’s an amazing dog – he just needed someone to give him a chance.”

To celebrate Sarge’s long-awaited adoption, the shelter threw him a big going-away party that was streamed live on Facebook.

In the video, the shelter’s staff and Sarge’s new owners gathered together while wearing masks to give the adorable pup treats and toys as he said goodbye to his longtime home.

“He’s been with us for 628 days. We brought him some toys,” one employee says in the video, adding that some of his treats are “dog cupcakes.”

One of Sarge’s new owners delivered the gifts to the joyful dog, who sweetly opened all the presents before running around in pure excitement.

At the end of the video, attendees said their bittersweet goodbyes to Sarge as he exited the shelter for his new forever home.